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Re-Applying After Denied Entry to Canada

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What is the best recourse for re-applying after being denied entry into Canada? I had attempted to visit Canada a month ago and was detained and eventually prevented from entering. The border officer said that there had been a warrant outstanding in my name. I had explained that the warrant he was referring to was in regards to a traffic violation that had been resolved. And, that it may have simply not have shown up in the system that the matter had been rectified. I need to get into the country for my daughter’s wedding in a few months and am afraid I may miss it because of a misunderstanding.

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    The Firm, after a review of your legal documents, would be able to prepare a travel or entry package for you which would address any issues you may have when attempting to enter Canada. The Firm has had much success at Ports of Entry and we would be happy to assist you in making it for your daughter’s wedding.

    Giovanni - Sep 12, 2012 | Reply

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