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PR card renewal after obtaining PRTD.

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Hi everyone,

I am 21 years old and have just recently returned to Canada (aug 2012) through using a PRTD after a very long time on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. I had left Canada in Jan 2004 when I was a minor and had only been in Canada for 45 days at the time leaving so my PR card has expired. Now I have returned and plan to start my life here and at the same time am going to start my masters’ education at a well reputed University. Since the PRTD has been issued, I am assuming that my H&C grounds were acceptable by the officers at the Canadian Embassy of application but the officers at the landing airport had advised to apply for renewal of my PR Card as soon as possible.

So if I apply for renewal now immediately, I would be very much short of the 730 days residency requirement. In such a case, I am confused as to how should I proceed further or what other action should I take. I would really appreciate if anyone could advice on this very urgent matter. Thanks.

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    The only sure way of meeting your residency obligation is to have been in Canada for 730 days. However, Just because you have an expired PR card does not mean you have lost your PR status. There are discretionary grounds that allow an officer to renew your PR card even if you do not meet the residency obligation requirement. The Firm can definitely assist you with making the unnecessary legal arguments you will need to submit in order to get your PR card renewed.

    Giovanni - Sep 12, 2012 | Reply

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