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How long can it take to process Canadian study visa?

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I would like answers to the following questions please:

1. How long can it take to process Canadian study visa?

2. What is the total cost to get Canadian study visa?

3. What are the packages in the Canadian visa?

4. What is the study visa duration?

5. Can I travel to Canada with my family?

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    Hello, the processing time for a study permit varies by the visa office you are applying to. Depending on where you are located, it can take a minimum of 5 weeks to a maximum of 21 weeks. The costs for a study permit are $150 (+ $85 if you are required to provide biometrics). The duration of a study visa is specific to your selected course and institution as it is a temporary visa application.

    Your family is welcome to accompany you during your period of study in Canada; however, you must be studying full time. Your family members must obtain their own visas, such as an open work permit, temporary resident visa etc. There are two possible ways to bring your family along with you during the period of your study. One possible route is for the student and dependent family members to submit their visa applications concurrently. Another option is for the student to wait until he/she has received a study permit, and then submit applications for his or her accompanying dependents.

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