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What’s the likelihood of a successful Canadian immigration application?

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Canadian Immigration

Likelihood of successful application. (78 year old retired US physician; economically self sufficient; Canadian mother, now deceased; went to school in Toronto as a boy; not licensed to practice Medicine in Canada but might like to become so licensed so as to work part time if I so choose.)

1. Must one own real property prior to applying?

2. What is tax situation like both nationally & insofar as BC is concerned?

3. I have heard stories about limitations on freedom of speech, including that ministers of the Gospel have had to face charges for statements made in sermons in church. What exactly are the restrictions on speech? e.g. can one say that islamo- fascism is a threat to Western Civilization? Or is such a statement banned? Or, what about criticism of Israel?

4. If one is denied medical care for a certain procedure or illness, is it permissible to go outside the system on a private basis?

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