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Leaving and Entering the Country Without a PR Card

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Canadian Immigration

I’m waiting for my PR card to arrive but, will be traveling outside the country for the next month to spend the holidays with my family in St. Kitts. Will there be any issues with me re-entering the country without my card?

2 Answers

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    Hello Winton

    Thank you for our post. If you have a PR card application in process but have an urgent need to travel, you can possibility escalate the matter but this is not easy.

    Alternately you can leave Canada without your new PR card but you will likely have to apply for a travel document at the nearest Canadian Embassy in order to get home if travelling by plane. If re-entring Canada by car, you may be ok even if you do not have your new PR card by hand.

    PR card renewals cases can take a long time to process. If you need help for urgent entry, you may want to contact an immigration professional for assistance.

    I hope this helps

    Michael Niren - Dec 21, 2012 | Reply

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    i do not meet the required poits nor have the required amount of money specify to get a good point and i am forty one years old. Is their any other mean of coming of becoming a Canadian citizen? because I desire it so much. Thanks

    David - Feb 19, 2013 | Reply

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