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Intent to Immigrate to Canada

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Canadian Immigration

I am married to a Canadian citizen and we are both living in the US, but would like to emigrate to Ontario to be closer to family. However, we do not have any proof of intent to move to Canada; the plan is to keep US jobs until the immigration process is almost complete and then move, so we don’t have job offers or a housing rental agreement.

Could we use a family member as a co-sponsor? Or would a notarized affidavit declaring intent be enough?

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    There are many ways to demonstrate intent without having to disrupt your current livelihood. One such way would be to show job searching efforts as well as a statement of your future plans in Canada. When retaining the Firm, we would be able to provide you with a customized list of possible documents you would be able to provide.

    Giovanni - Aug 07, 2012 | Reply

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