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Canadian Visitation Visa Expiration

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I’m a US citizen and eligible to stay 6 months within Canada per visit. I’ve been here for 3 months and plan to stay for the full 6 month period. I’ll be going back home (in the US) for 3 days this weekend. Is that long enough to restart my 6 month automatic visa upon re-entering next week?

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    You can enter and re-enter Canada and thereby activate another 6 months of status provided the Customs officer does not say otherwise when you cross.
    Of course if you spend a lengthy period of time in Canada, you will raise the suspicion of Canada immigration who may think you are not a visitor for Canada for temporary purposes but rather an intending immigrant. Therefore if you plan on staying in Canada for an extended period of time it is recommended that you apply for a study permit, or work permit if you are eligible. You can also consider applying for permanent residence but that also means you would have to qualify,

    When you cross into Canada, you have to always satisfy a CBSA officer that your purpose of visitation is of a temporary nature. The more time you spend in Canada and the more time you cross into Canada, that harder that becomes.

    Michael Niren - Oct 01, 2013 | Reply

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