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Canadian Immigration Health Requirements

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I wish to send for my wife in India. My concern is that she is ill and won’t meet the health requirements to enter Canada. I’m not a permanent resident and am here on a work visa, would this be a possibility?

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    If you wish to sponsor your wife to Canada and you are a Canadian citizen or Canadian PR, you may be eligible. However, if she has a serious medical condition that information will have to be disclosed to Canada Immigration. Further all applicants have to under go an immigration medical examination as part of the process. For spousal sponsorships, generally, medical conditions will not result in a refusal of the application even if serious. However, each case has to be looked at on its own merits.

    It is therefore important to have her doctor prepare a report on her medical condition including whether her condition will result in costs to treat on an ongoing basis. Of course if her condition is communicable that could be an issue. In any case, regardless of her medical condition, you have to show in your spousal sponsorship application that your marriage is genuine and that you can financially support your spouse. There are a number of application forms that have to be completed along with supporting documentation. It is therefore essential that you prepare your application package properly.
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