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Just a general migration question.

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I know this question may lend itself to debate but, which is better in respect to migration – Canada or Australia? I’m an American citizen who intends to move with my family to pursue a Masters course for myself. I am trying to weigh my options.

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    Hello Oplum

    We like questions that are controversial!
    The question as to whether Canada or Australia or even the US is better for immigration all really depends on your particular circumstances.

    All countries are members of the G-8 and offer a relatively high standard of living with a high degree of employment, safety and the rule of law. Of course there are bad areas in any of these places but generally hundreds of thousands of people immigrate there year after year.

    I personally have never been to Australia but know people who live there and love it. For me, it is too remote geographically from the rest of the world to consider as an immigration destination. But its cities rank among the best for the most livable year after year. Being from Canada, I am bias towards choosing Canada. Canada, like Australia, boasts some of the best cities to live in such as Toronto and Vancouver. The weather is an issue but if you like the snow, you will be fine. The US (and I know you didn’t ask about this and you are American) is also a great choice for people despite its economic troubles of late. I think the US will come out of it and remain one of the best places to live in the world. So as you can see there is no easy answer. Canada and Australia are good choices. I wish you luck! Michael

    Michael Niren - Oct 02, 2013 | Reply

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