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how to handle this situation with my spouse name!

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Canadian Immigration

hi, myself and my spouse applied for CANADA PERMENANT RESIDENCE. Now due to

some family problems she is not with me for past 3 months. now i got the call for

MEDICAL EXAM for both of us. but she is willing to come, if i solve the problems.

now i wish to go alone to CANADA. i there any chance for me to SKIP her from

MEDICAL EXAM and ACCOMPANY me to canada. because i have applied in FAMILY

CLASS. is there any option to REMOVE her from my APPLICATION. Is she able to

stop me further by means of RULES??? please suggest me something!

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    In order to remove your spouse from the application, you will need to inform Citizenship and Immigration Canada in writing. Send a letter to this effect, explaining the situation. The will undoubtedly reply asking confirmation. Once this is completed, you can proceed alone as requested. To be on the safe side, the Firm would gladly review your application and contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada on your behalf. Contact us for more details.

    Giovanni - Aug 21, 2012 | Reply

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