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Grounds for a Humanitarian Visa

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I have been in Canada for a number of years after fleeing Syria due to the civil unrest. I have worked as a volunteer for a not-for-profit and have many friends here. I wish to apply for an Humanitarian visa because I wish to continue to live in Canada. I love this country and feel that if I were to return to Syria that I may suffer greatly (both economically and as a threat to my safety). How do I begin this process?

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    The civil unrest in Syria is a troubling situation and many of our clients are facing the same hardships that you had to endure. In order to apply for Permanent Residence with Humanitarian and Compassionate consideration you would need to demonstrate the hardships you face if you returned as well as your ties to Canada. This means that you have established strong economical, familial, social etc ties to Canada and to be removed would cause you undue suffering. Contact the Firm so we can better advise you on how best to present your case.

    Giovanni - Oct 12, 2012 | Reply

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