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Getting A Student Visa After Failing An Academic Course

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Canadian Immigration

If I have failed an academic course in my home country is it still possible to acquire a Student visa abroad? I was studying social sciences in the UK and due to extenuating circumstances I was unable to complete the course and ultimately was given a failing grade. Although, I was doing well before I was side tracked I felt that I would benefit from taking a course elsewhere than England. Is this still a possibility for me?

2 Answers

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    In order to qualify for a study permit, one of the basic qualifications is getting acceptance from a recognized College or University in Canada. That being said, so long as you can acquire a letter of acceptance as well as qualifying for the remaining criteria, there would be no issue due to a failing grade. The Firm has helped hundreds of students fulfill their educational goals in Canada and we would be happy to assist you achieve yours.

    Giovanni - Sep 12, 2012 | Reply

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    i want to go to canada on work permit.but i have only 2000pound in my account.can you tell me how much money i need for work permit.

    shahida arif - Jan 03, 2013 | Reply

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