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Facing Possible Deporation

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My cousin faces deportation charges for allegedly withholding information in his initial visa application. He had failed to report that he had a minor charge against him in India over a misunderstanding involving a stolen vehicle. He had been given permission to use a van from a friend but, the friend had not informed his father. The father alerted the police and my cousin was arrested. The entire incident was cleared up that very day and no charged were laid on my cousin. However there is still a record of this incident on his files. He hadn’t mentioned this in his application because he had assumed that this would not be a factor. Now, he is being told that he may get deported. What can we do now?

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    There is a number of varying factors involved in this situation that would require further insight into in order to better answer your question. The Firm would require additional explanation as to the situation and would be happy to discuss during a consultation.

    Giovanni - Aug 07, 2012 | Reply

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