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Can I get a Canadian Passport if I have a Criminal Record?

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I have made some mistakes in the past and as a result have a criminal record. I haven’t been in trouble with the law in almost ten years now and my girlfriend and I wish to travel. I am wondering if it is possible for me to get a Canadian passport with a criminal record?

2 Answers

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    Typically you should be able to acquire a Canadian Passport even if you have a criminal record as all Canadian citizens are entitled to have one, even those who do not intend to ever travel out of the country.

    The issue becomes where you intend to travel. Each country has different rules about who they consider admissible through their borders.

    For example, people with a criminal record who wish to enter Canada require subsequent documentation called a Temporary Resident Permit which they must apply for and acquire prior to travelling.

    For your own sake, check the requirements of the country you wish to travel to as you may require additional documentation/information in order to enter. it would be a shame if you made it all the way there only to have to return home.

    Giovanni - Jan 17, 2013 | Reply

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    di i can travel to canada,i have a mistak i was in usa when i get the green card i change my name so thats the crime i think.but i want to go for canada with my family is posible i can aply for canada immigration.76

    shakel ahmed - Jul 09, 2013 | Reply

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