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Canada PR File and USA H1B Visa

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I am a Indian Citizen and married to Canadian permanent resident last year. My spouse has applied for my permanent residency based on the family immigration and I have got the letter from Canadian immigration office in India (Delhi) to submit my passport and other related documents. This means that the application is in final stage.

At the same time, I have also got the very good offer from one of the big company in USA and they had applied for my H1B visa, and I have got the approval for that as well. I haven’t spoken about my PR file in Canada to them and they want me to start the job in USA as soon as possible. Even, I don’t want to loose this opportunity in very good company.

Now, I have the following questions.

1) Let’s say I have accepted the USA offer, then Can I transfer my Canada permanent resident file from Delhi (India) to USA somewhere? If yes, then what is the procedure? How much time it will take?

2) Once I submit my passport to Canada immigration office, how much time it will take for the visa processing?

3) Once I get the Canada permanent residency visa (or letter), Do I really need to go there? If yes, then minimum how many days I have to stay there to maintain my permanent residency? Is it possible if I go for only few days in Canada for the first time, and then come to USA for my job?

4) Going USA on H1B is my first priority, but at the same time don’t want to affect anything on my permanent residency application in Canada. If I cancel my Canada permanent residency file, Can I re-apply in the future? due to this cancellation, is there any affect in future application?

I am very confused right now and don’t know what is the best solution.

Thank you so much in advance for your help. 


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