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Can I travel outside of Canada while under a Canadian Student Visa?

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I am a engineering student from the UK who is currently studying in Toronto, ON under a student visa. I have some friends in New York City that have invited me to stay for a week while I’m on summer vacation. Can I visit the US for that length of time while under the parameters of a Canadian student visa? And, how do I go about doing so?

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    Hello Thank you for the question.
    You can travel outside Canada on a student visa provided that you have a multiple entry visa in your passport that will be valid upon re-entery to Canada or if you are from a visa-exempt country. So the answer is it really depends. Also you always need a valid passport. If you are from, for example, India and you have a study permit and only a single entry visa, you would have issues returning back to Canada should you leave. Therefore it is important that you check your passport and visas before you decide to leave Canada while on a study permit.

    Michael Niren - Oct 06, 2013 | Reply

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