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Bringing Over Foreign Talent

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If I were looking to bring a foreign act into the country, where might I start? I have recently started a talent agency and would love to take on a Japanese pianist as a client to work in both Canada and the US.

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    Depending on the nature of the work/performance, a work permit may not be necessary.

    Foreign artists and their essential support staff, the people that are integral to the performance, can work in Canada without a permit only under certain conditions:

    – They are only performing in Canada for a limited period of time.
    – They will not be performing in a bar or restaurant. If they will do so, performers and their staff each need a work permit.
    – They are not entering into an employment relationship with the Canadian group that has contracted for their services.
    – They are not performing in the production of a movie, television or radio broadcast.

    Otherwise, a Labour Marker Opinion and Work Permit would be required. In either circumstance, the appropriate supporting documentation will need to be compiled. Contact us for further details and we would be happy to assist you.

    Giovanni - Jan 18, 2013 | Reply

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