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Applying For A Canadian Business Visa

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Canadian Immigration

I would like to come to Canada to attend a week long business seminar held in Toronto. I would also like to stay an additional month to possibly land some clients for my own business. Would this make me eligible for business visa application?

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    The general criteria to qualify as a business visitor are:

    – There must be no intent to enter the Canadian labour market, meaning, no gainful employment in Canada

    – The activity of the foreign worker must be international in scope; there is a presumption of an underlying cross border commercial activity. For example, after sales services

    – The primary source of income remains outside of Canada

    – The principle place of the worker’s employer is located outside of Canada

    – The accrual of profits of the worker’s employer is outside of Canada

    That being said, if you wanted to simply attend seminars than you may qualify (we would need to determine this based on further documentation). However, depending on the nature of “possibly landing some clients,” this may not be admissible. The Firm would need to better asses your situation. Please contact for a consult and we would be happy to discuss.

    Giovanni - Oct 24, 2012 | Reply

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