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Is it possible to apply for a LMO visa if I’m in Canada as a visitor?

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I have beenĀ  approved for a LMO workpermit, but I am in Canada as a visitor. Is it possible to apply from Canada? Can your firm help with this?

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    If you are in Canada as a visitor, and have obtained a positive LMO you can apply for a Work Permit BUT it has to be submitted OUTSIDE of Canada.

    You can exit Canada and when you re-enter you can apply for your work permit at the Port of Entry if you are exempt from a requiring a Temporary Resident Visa.

    If you are currently in Canada and have a valid study or work permit, or your spouse or parents have a study or work permit, you can only apply for a work permit from INSIDE Canada.

    Steven Snider - Feb 06, 2014 | Reply

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