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What can I do to make me a better applicant for a Canadian work visa?

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I am looking to move to Canada but I am too old for a work permit and have been told I need to find work first. I have been applying for jobs but not having much luck or hearing anything back. What should I be doing to make me a better applicant?

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    Hi and thank you for your question.

    We can understand that finding a job in Canada can be difficult when you are in a foreign location. It can also be difficult when you are living in Canada.

    Our firm specializes in immigration and cross border matters, such as assisting persons submitting applications for a work permit, after they have received a job offer. As such, we may not be positioned to provide the best advice possible with regard to your job search, or enhancing your resume.

    Perhaps a Canadian based employment agency that specializes in foreign recruitment may be best suited to assist you.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

    Steven Snider - Feb 09, 2014 | Reply

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    my name is jojo bolivar. I really wanted to migrate to canada.what are the best option for me. I am here right now in bahrain working as a cook not over a year.my contract here will be finish by 2015 of june. I have work experience back in the philippines for 2 year as a cook or chef. Is there any possible way that i can apply for canada? I am also a graduate of culinary arts and hotel and restaurant management back in the phils. I was thinking of my age. I am already 43 years old. I there a chance for me? plus the fact the the fees are high to.please help me find answers.

    Thank you,
    Jojo bolivar
    [email protected]

    jojo d. bolivar - Feb 16, 2014 | Reply

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