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Appealing Deportation Verdict

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My father has recently been deported for a variety of infractions. I’ve been told (in not these exact words) that there is next to no chance of getting him back into the country. Even if we only had the slightest chance of appealing this verdict, where might we begin?

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    Appealing a deportation order involves making an application to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) in order to have the case reviewed. From there, the IAD would render a decision on the matter. If this decision is not favourable, the matter could be brought forward to Federal Court and argued in front of a judge.

    If your father has already been deported and is removed from Canada, he would need an Authorization to Return to Canada as well as possibly a Temporary Resident Visa and Temporary Resident Permit depending on the nature of these infractions and his country of origin.

    The Firm has a great deal of experience in both of these matters and would be more than capable of assisting you. Please contact us for further details.

    Giovanni - Feb 07, 2013 | Reply

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