Applying for a US Visa from India Got Easier… Or Did It?

us-visa-from-india-niren-associatesA new website has been developed to facilitate payment and appointment schedules for the US embassy in India. For the first time, applicants can now schedule payments and appointments online or over the phone, as well as get their questions answered online or over the phone.

What will be the results of this new system of getting a US Visa from India?

  1. Strict laws regarding data transfer from the offices of offsite facilitation centres may cause delays for those using these new tools.
  2. Visa applicants will now have to make two appointments: one to submit their fingerprints and an identification photo and the second for the actual visa interview. This will probably take at least two days.
  3. There will likely be a fee hike, although one is not scheduled, but the new system will probably increase applicants’ chances at getting a visa. For example, they may still be denied if the consular office sees the applicant has the intent to emigrate; however, officials have said that the adjudication of L visas and H-1B visas will likely see some improvements, which is good news for applicants.

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How does Indian legislation affect this process?

Biometric fingerprinting and digital photographs for Indian visa applicants has been complicated by Indian legislation forbidding the collection of this information at the offices of visa outsourcing partners.

For now, this information will be downloaded into storage and then physically transported to the British consular offices. The amount of delay this will cause remains to be seen, if a delay is even caused at all.

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