Working in the United States as a Canadian

Are you a Canadian who wants to work in the United States? For someone who is not an American Citizen to work in the United States – even if you are a Canadian citizen – you will require a United States work visa. Work in the United States

The work visa is a special document that allows you to legally work in the United States on a temporary basis as per the conditions of the work visa itself.

There are many different types of United States work visas, each of them with a different purpose. Which one of these work visas is right for you depends on a number of different factors, but as a Canadian citizen it may be faster for you to obtain a United States work visa than other foreign nationals.

Which United States work visa is right for me?

Deciding which United States work visa is the best one for you depends on many different factors. For example, you may need to have a job offer already in the United States, and that job may have to be a certain type of job.

In most cases you will need to demonstrate that you have the right type of work experience for the job in question, as well as the appropriate levels of education.

A Canadian citizen with a job offer in the United States as a doctor may be eligible to apply for the TN Visa, while a Canadian who has a job offer in the United States in a different type of career that still requires a high level of education could consider applying for the H1B work visa.

Someone who is already working for a Canadian company but is being transferred to a United States office, branch or subsidiary of that foreign company could be eligible for the L-1 work visa, while someone who has a job offer for seasonal or temporary employment could be eligible for an H2B work visa.

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