Options for Immigration to the United States

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Hello, my name is Michael Niren. I’m an immigration lawyer and founder of
VisaPlace.com. Today, I’m going to talk to you about options for
immigrating to the United States.

Understanding the Options for Immigration to the US

There are a lot of different options and I’ll try to outline them for you. We have a US visa team, who handles all our US immigration cases.

Family Petition

One of the main options is the Family Petition, if you have family members
in the United States, for example a spouse, a close relative like a parent,
or sister, or brother. There’s a possibility that if they are an American
citizen, could potentially sponsor you for permanent residence. In some
cases, even if they’re a green card holder, they can do that as well.
However, for green card holders, the process is typically much, much

Now, there’s a lot of different criteria to qualify to file a spousal
petition including a petitioners income, among other issues. But, one main
way is through the family petition category. The other is employment based
immigration, where you either have a job offer or you have special skills
that would enable you to work in the United States.

Employment-Based Program

Employment-based program is usually dependent on an employer in the US who
is willing to sponsor you. Now, there’s also the investment route as well,
where if you make a substantial investment in the United States, we call
that the EB-5 program. You can apply for a green  card directly, the
process could be somewhat lengthy, and requires a lot of capital to do that
and a high net worth. But, we handle a lot of those EB-5 cases for
individuals who qualify.

The H1-B Visa

Now, other routes of immigration to Canada could begin on the temporary
side. What I mean by that is if you had a job offer and an employer is
willing to sponsor you for a temporary working permit. For example, under
the H1-B category, if its a specialty occupation and you can work in the
United States under the H1-B category, there’s a possibility that the
employer can apply for what is called, adjustment status, and sponsor you
for a green card, after a certain period of you working for that employer
on the H1-B.

The L-1 Visa

There’s also the L-1 visa, which enables you to be transferred into a US-
based company from you foreign company. Ultimately the Us company could
sponsor you for a green card down the road, and adjust your status.

Do You Need Help With Your Immigration to the United States

Not to get overly complicated, the point is there’s routes to follow or to offer
to you for immigration into the United States. If you have anymore
questions about this, feel free to go to our website at www.visaplace.com.
Thank you and have a great day.

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