Canada / US Border Data Exchange Program

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Hi, my name is Michael Niren. I’m an immigration lawyer and founder of I’m here to talk about the proposed Canadian/U.S. border
data exchange program.

What Is the Data Exchange Program?

Typically, the U.S. government and the Canadian government, they do share
some information about individuals who are crossing our borders. Typically
therefore individuals on work permits or temporary resident permits, but
there’s a proposal to extend that to Canadian citizens and U.S. citizens.
So when you’re crossing the border, expect that your personal data will be
shared amongst our governments. And this is a major privacy issue and cause
for concern. Information sent to the tax departments, Canadian immigration,
will all be accessible through border-crossing transactions.

So it hasn’t been enacted yet, but there is definitely talk to expand the
scope of information sharing. This is obviously of great concern to
individuals who care about privacy and individual rights. And we don’t know
exactly what’s going to be happening, but expect that when you swipe your
passport, you declare your identity, that both governments are going to
know about your exits and entrances, and also personal information.

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So that’s the direction we’re headed. And as far as information is
concerned, in terms of the development of this, I’ll keep you posted as
soon as I learn more and more. So for more information about immigration,
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