5 Mistakes People Make When Moving From Canada to the USA

 Moving From Canada to the USA

There are many reasons to move from Canada to the United States, such as the larger economy south of the border, or to marry a US citizen.

The cultures are similar in many ways, and the nations are very friendly with one another, which can create the illusion that immigrating to the USA from Canada is a simple matter, when in fact the process can be long and complicated, and there are many different ways to go about it, so it’s important to know about the possible pitfalls as well as the opportunities. If you’re interested in moving from Canada to the USA but wish to avoid being turned away, then read on to learn about 5 mistakes people make when moving from Canada to the USA.

1. Applying Through the Wrong Immigration Stream

There are scenarios where the simplest-seeming solution may not be the best one. For instance, if a Canadian has an American relative who resides in California, then it would seem obvious to apply for US citizenship with the relative as a sponsor. However, the relative may prove to be the wrong kind, or otherwise ineligible to sponsor the hopeful migrant. That said, if the migrating Canadian were to have a specialized professional skill that’s in demand in the destination state and a Californian employer ready to provide sponsorship, then that immigration stream may be the quicker solution.

2. Relative Sponsorship Errors

When trying to migrate to the USA to be with one’s family, it’s important that your sponsor is actually qualified to sponsor you. Sponsors in many cases must be 21 years of age or older. Extended family members cannot be sponsors, and which members of one’s immediate family who do qualify is still limited to specific relationships, such as a spouse or a child.

As well, the sponsor must be able to prove ability to provide financial care for the family member being sponsored, at least to 125% above the poverty line. If the relative sponsoring the migrant isn’t qualified to do so, or if there’s a better immigration stream for the Canadian looking for a green card, then it’s better to have these facts straight before applying.

3. The Applicant is Ineligible for Medical Reasons

It’s no secret that the USA takes precautions to ensure the safety of its citizens, and the green card application process is designed to filter out anyone deemed unfit to enter the country or who may pose a risk for medical reasons. A medical exam is part of the migration process, and those who have communicable diseases, or dangerous mental or physical disorders, or drug addictions will be regarded as unfit for entry. Specifically which disorders or maladies may or may not constitute medical grounds for ineligibility is one of the many considerations for which an immigration professional’s knowledge may eliminate potentially costly guesswork.

4. The Applicant is Ineligible for Extremism or Criminality

Similarly, applicants whose values are probably incompatible with American values, or who have been convicted of serious offences will not be eligible. Individuals with provable extremist views are likewise not eligible, and no member of a totalitarian political party will receive a green card. The crimes that are too serious to overlook may not be obvious to some applicants, which is why any applicant who has ever had brushes with the law should speak to an immigration expert to see how US immigration officers regard the seriousness of the crime in question.

5. False or Incomplete Documentation

Probably one of the most challenging aspects of migrating to the USA is the tremendous amount of documentation required. Immigration officials require that everything is filled out correctly: incomplete applications will not be considered and often the person migrating to the USA is forced to depend on documents being provided by governmental departments and individuals. For this reason, many have had their application unduly delayed because of a tardy document or two.

Immigration experts can help you stay on top of the inflow of necessary documentation, as well as ensure that it’s all done properly, catching errors that may annul the application. It’s important to note that an error that appears to be misleading or a deliberate untruth can make the applicant permanently ineligible. Much hangs in the balance of an application, which is why a professional consultation may be crucial to one’s success.

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