Options for Immigration to the United States

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Hello, my name is Michael Niren. I’m an immigration lawyer and Founder of visaplace.com. Today, I’m going to talk to you about options for immigrating to the United States.

Knowing Your Options for Immigration to the United States

There are a lot of different options, and I will try to outline them for you. We have a U.S. visa team who handles all our U.S. immigration cases.

Family-Based Petitions

One of the main options is the family petition. If you have family members in United States, for example, a spouse, a close relative like a parent or a sister or brother, there’s a possibility that they, if they are American citizen, could potentially sponsor you for permanent residence. In some cases, even if they’re a Green Card holder, they can do that as well. However, for Green Card holders, the process typically is much, much longer. Now, there’s a lot of different criteria to qualify to file a spousal petition including a petitioner’s income and among other issues. But one main way is through the family petition category.

Emplyment-Based Petitions

The other is employment-based immigration where you either have a job offer or you have special skills that would enable you to work in United States. Employment-based program, usually, is dependent on an employer in the U.S. who is willing to sponsor you. Now, there’s also the investment route as well, where if you make a substantial investment in United States – we call that the EB-5 program – you can apply for a Green Card directly. The process could be somewhat lengthy and requires a lot of capital to do that in a high net worth. But we handle a lot of those EB-5 cases for individuals who qualify.

H1-B Visas

Now other routes to immigration to Canada could begin on the temporary side. What I mean by that is if you have a job offer and an employer’s willing to sponsor you for a temporary work permit, for example, under the H-1B category, if you’re a specialty, if it’s a specialty occupation, and you can work in United States under the H-1B category, there’s a possibility that the employer can apply for what is called adjustment of status and sponsor you for a Green Card after a certain period of you working for that employer on the H-1B.

L-1 Visas

There’s also the L-1 visa which enables you to be transferred into a U.S. company from your foreign company and, ultimately, the U.S. company could sponsor you for a Green Card down the road and adjust your status.

We Can Help Pursue Your Options for Immigration to the United States

Not to get overly complicated, but the point is there are different routes to follow or options for you for immigration to the United States. If you have any more questions about this, feel free to go to our website at www.visaplace.com. Thank you and have a great day.

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  • Sittara Shammas

    Hello! i want u to know about my immegration with my two kids and husband but let me know how long will be this process
    Sittara Shammas

    • owen

      Hello Sittara,

      Thanks for the question. The length of the process will depend on the particular immigration options that we help you pursue. Please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly.


    • owen

      Hello Sittara,

      Thanks for the question. The length of the process will depend on the particular immigration options that we help you pursue. Please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly.http://www.visaplace.com/immigration-assessment/


  • Post Graduate (M. Sc. Mathematics)
    Branch Manager at EFU Life Assurance Ltd.
    Working in EFU Life

    Started business in June 2014.
    4 children and 1 spouse
    Tax payer from 13 years
    Pakistani national since birth
    Visited USA, Canada, UK, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Kenya, Veitnam, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Thailand and Brasil.
    Have 5 years non immigrant multiple visa (valid till 12 August 2018)
    Spouse Education : Intermediate
    My English Language Skills : Good (IELTS 6 band level). Wife English Language Skills : Poor

    Advised about immigration chances to USA or Canada.


    • owen

      Hello Zahid,

      Thanks for the question. It may be possible for you to apply for a TN visa, or even an E2 visa depending on the amount of money you are willing to invest in your business when you come to the US. There may also be similar business-type immigration options available for you in Canada. Please refer to http://www.visaplace.com/usa-immigration/ and http://www.visaplace.com/canadian-immigration/ for more information.


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