Top 6 Secrets to Getting a Green Card

Secrets to a Green Card

Although holders of Green Cards are typically known as Lawful Permanent Residents, Green Cards are not forever. The much seeked after cards are renewable every ten years and they can be withdrawn for committing a serious crime. Typically after obtaining a Green Card people will upgrade to a U.S. citizenship, which is for life. Before reading our secrets on getting a green card, be sure you are first eligible to apply.

Tips on how to get a green card:

The U.S. holds an annual Green Card lottery.

The United States have a lottery to help create diversity. The Diversity Visa Lottery (Green Card Lottery), is a chance for anyone from qualifying countries to get their green card. The DV Program allows 50,000 immigrants annually for individuals who are from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

Get a U.S. employer to put in a good word.

If you are already in the United States and are working under a work visa or temporary visa staying on your employers good side can be beneficial to obtaining a green card. They must obtain labor certification and file Form 1-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. You have to be at a management level or equivalent, hold a degree or do work for which no similarly qualified U.S. citizens are available.

Invest in the US.

If you invest at least $500,000 to $1 million, employ ten people, or expand an existing business by at least 40%. Generally this takes 22 to 26 months to obtain legal residency through the program as opposed to several years for other visa programs which is why investing in the US is a great way to get a green card.

Be related to a U.S. citizen, be a spouse to a U.S. citizen, an unmarried child under 21 or parent if the citizen is over 21.

There are several special categories for anyone related to a U.S. citizen. There are other categories such as being born to a foreign diplomat in the U.S. or widows and widowers of U.S. citizens. Stepchildren and stepparents may also qualify. Gay and lesbian couples may also apply.

Work in the medical field.

Being a nurse, surgeon, physical therapist, etc. with a job offer from a hospital or medical center typically fast tracks a green card.

Be talented in either business, academia, arts or science.

You may qualify as an Alien of Extraordinary Ability. You have to fulfil at least three of several criteria. You will need as many letters of recommendation as possible, preferably from highly respected individuals such as CEO’s, college professors, colleagues, department heads, etc.

Stay out of trouble.

Do not do anything to upset the authorities. You will be entered on the Department of Homeland Security which will hand you a possible delay or denial for a green card.

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