What is the TN visa in the United States?

Are you a Canadian citizen who has been offered a job by an employer in the United States? This is a great opportunity for you, and you can definitely make it work if you are able to obtain a United States work visa. There is even a United States work visa that is specifically available to Canadian citizens, and that is the TN VisaTN Visa for the United States 5

This visa is available for professional occupations, which are occupations that generally require a higher level of education like those occupations in the fields of medicine and science.

Obtaining a TN visa can be quicker than obtaining other types of work visas because they can be applied for at the border, without having to wait for processing or the time it takes to mail in your application form and then receive your visa.

Requirements for obtaining a TN visa to work in the United States

Your job offer needs to be in the appropriate job category, as well as formatted in a specific way. Most employers who know what they’re doing will have a licensed immigration lawyer or a law firm draft up their offer, in the form of a TN visa petition.

Applicants must also have the necessary qualifications for the job, either through their education, degrees, diplomas, employment references, employment history or all of the above!
Another requirement is that the applicants have a valid passport that’s good for at least three years, because the TN visa is only good for three years. Applicants need to be able to show they will not overstay their visa, and that they have strong ties to Canada through their home, job or family (or all of the above and more).

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