Applying for a TN visa for the United States

Did you know that there is a United States work visa specifically for Canadian citizens? This visa is available to Canadian citizens under NAFTA, or the North American Free Trade Agreement. It is also available to citizens of Mexico, but not for permanent residents of Canada. TN Visa for the United States 4

The TN visa is even available at the Canadian-US border for Canadian citizens, which makes it a very popular option – no long wait times to get your visa!

However, just because it is quicker to get the TN visa than other types of visas does not mean that it is an easy visa to obtain. In fact, it can be very difficult as there are several different requirements you must meet in order to even be eligible.

Requirements to obtain a TN Visa

The primary requirement to obtain a TN visa is that you have a job offer from a United States employer that is in a specific type of professional occupation as per the NAFTA List, or North American Free Trade Agreement. This list includes several different occupations, normally those that require a higher level of education in fields like medicine, engineering or science.

In addition to a properly formatted job offer in a certain profession, applicants for a TN Visa must be qualified for the job they have been offered. They will need to demonstrate that they are qualified, using their job experience, education and any credentials that they have.

In addition, applicants for TN visas need to show that they are only going to be in the United States for the duration of their trip. They can do this by demonstrating that they have strong ties to Canada via their employment, family or property ownership, among other things.

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