Applying for a TN Visa as a Management Consultant

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Hello, my name is Michael Niren. I’m an immigration lawyer and founder of Today I’m going to talk to you today about applying as a
management consultant under the TN visa category. As you may know,
Canadians could apply for a US work visa if they have an occupation under
the NAFTA list of occupations.

And one of those occupations is a management consultant. Now, the trick
with management consultants is that it’s a very tough category to qualify
for because it’s one of the few occupations under the NAFTA list that do
not require a university degree.

However, that doesn’t mean that if you go to the border and you present
your papers explaining that you’re a management consultant that you will
get approved. Quite to the contrary, it’s very difficult to get approved as
a management consultant. One of the reasons is that there’s a misconception
about what a management consultant is.

TN Visa Qualifications for Management Consultant

A management consultant is not typically what you think. It’s not a manager
or someone who just merely manages people. Rather, a management consultant
is seen more as a hired gun by a company who needs to hire someone from the
outside to solve a problem, to fix a problem, to fix some issue in the
company and then to exit out. Depending upon the nature of the company,
they will hire management consultants to come in, to potentially
restructure or offer solutions, get in, fix the problem and then leave.

And that’s more in line with the definition of a management consultant. At
least, that’s how NAFTA officers see it. You have to start with that. Of
course, there are credentials. Just because you don’t need a university
degree doesn’t mean that you can qualify just because you call yourself a
management consultant. In most cases, you need five years of experience if
you don’t have the required education, and you have to really show that you
have the experience.

We Can Help You Apply for a TN Visa

If you don’t have experience as a management consultant, it still may be
possible to qualify if you have, for example, an MBA or higher degree.
Something along those lines. But, if you don’t, then you better have the
experience, at least the equivalency of a management consultant. So,
hopefully, this gives you some idea of the challenges that management
consultant TNs face. If you need any more information, feel free to go to
our website at Thank you and have a great day.

Contact our experienced team today, and let us help you apply for your TN Visa.

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