What Should Canada Do About the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

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Hi, I’m Michael Niren, immigration lawyer and founder of visaplace.com. A lot of discussion has surrounded the crisis is Syria, the refugee Syrian crisis. And governments and people are asking what should we do about it. Should we take is tens of thousands of refugees? Should we screen them? What about national security concerns?

Canada’s Concerns

These are all valid concerns. There’s a humanitarian factor. There’s a national security factor. My take is this. I have the same opinion as I would for any immigrant or any intending immigrant. Why is it that the government is in the business of screening anybody from entering our country? I’m most cases, the vast majority of immigrants whether or not they are refugees or skilled workers or whomever, come to our country and contribute and want to leave places where they’re not allowed because of oppressive laws and rules to thrive and survive. So most immigrants are motivated individuals looking to live in a country where there’s a rule of law and to contribute economically and socially.

Terrorism a Global Concern

Now, of course, we all know there are bad apples especially in this age of terrorism. There has to be some form of protection and that obviously is the government’s job to do so. And I’m not here to tell the government how to do that job in terms of protecting Canadians or Americans, whomever is taking in the refugees. But the general principal should be we are an open society and that’s what a free society is all about. So I don’t know in terms of how many refugees should be admitted. I don’t think that the number is really the issue.

It’s really a question of two things national security and the principal of living in an open society that welcomes people who are interested in living here and thriving here. And that is really the basis, the framework upon which we should be thinking about this crisis. Whether it’s a humanitarian situation like what’s going on in Syria or generally, as I mentioned, individuals who are looking to work here and grow their lives here and to bring their families here, etc.

So that’s my take. Like if you like the video. Even if you don’t like the video, let me know what you think. And feel free to go to our website at www.visaplace.com.

Have You Been Affected by the Syrian Refugee Crisis?

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