How to Renew Your Permanent Residency Card

Are you a Canadian permanent resident? You have to renew your permanent resident card before it expires. Citizenship and Immigration Canada recommends that you apply to renew your card at least six months before it is due to expire, and it may take up to three months for it to be completely processed. Renew permanent resident card

Your permanent resident card is a very important document, and you need to make sure that you follow the instructions exactly when it comes time to renew your card. This will help you avoid delays in the processing, or even a denial.

What is needed to renew your permanent residency card?

1. Obtain a permanent resident card renewal application form. This is the same application form you would use to apply for your permanent resident card, except you need to indicate that you are applying for a renewal using the appropriate area on the forms.

2. Review the document checklist, which comes with the application forms for renewing your permanent resident card. You must include all of the required documents, and these documents must be in the format that is specified on the form.

3. Speak with a licensed immigration lawyer about your application. They will need to review your application and your supporting documents to ensure that your application is ready for processing.

4. Submit your application. It is a good idea to retain a copy of the courier slip so that you have proof of when and how you sent in your application package if you need it.

Renewing your permanent resident card is not always a simple procedure. You may have extenuating circumstances that require the attention and expertise of a licensed immigration lawyer, including having had your permanent resident card already expire, requiring your new permanent resident card sooner, or you may have not met the residency requirement. Whatever the case, please contact our immigration law firm for assistance!

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