Do I need to renew my PR status in Canada?

Do you need to renew your permanent resident status in Canada? The answer is, yes if you want to travel. Although what you will really be doing is renewing your permanent resident card, which expires every five years. 

Renewing your permanent resident card in Canada means that you must make an application as well as provide several supporting documents that prove you have met the requirements for being a Canadian permanent resident.

Making an application for a PR card renewal

You must make an application for a permanent resident card in order to renew your current permanent resident card before it expires. To do so, you will need to complete an application package. This package includes the Application for a Permanent Resident Card, the Supplementary Information Form as well as many supporting documents and copies of your identity documents.

What requirements are there for a PR card renewal?

When you renew your permanent resident card, you must be a permanent resident of Canada who is physically in Canada and does not have a removal order or order of deportation against them.

You must also show that you have met the residency requirements, which is a requirement for a minimum physical presence in Canada. This residency requirement requires that you are physically present in the country of Canada (living and working) for at least two years of every five years you are a Canadian permanent resident.

To do this, you can provide the Canadian government with information about your employment, information about your home such as an apartment lease, utilities bills for a Canadian address as well as travel receipts to document your time spent out of the country. You cannot spend more than 1095 days outside of Canada during every five year period. There are some exceptions to the 2 year in 5 year rule however.

What if I have not met the residency requirement?

If you have not met the residency requirement (minimum physical presence in Canada), please contact us. We can take a look at your case and let you know what your options are.  You have several options when renewing your permanent resident card, but you must act quickly and professional assistance in this complex matter is highly recommended.

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