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How To Renew A Permanent Resident Card

Renewing a Permanent Resident Card in Canada

A Permanent Resident Card is an important piece of documentation that identifies you as a permanent resident in Canada. After 2002, permanent residents automatically receive their permanent resident card upon arriving in Canada. If you were a permanent resident before 2002 and only have a Record of Landing, you will need to apply for a Permanent Resident Card. Permanent Residence Card Renewal Application

How to Renew a Permanent Resident Card

Your Permanent Resident Card expires every five years. After the five years is up, you will need to apply to have it renewed.

1. Fill out an application to renew your Permanent Resident Card.

2. Gather the supporting documentation you need for your application. These can include proof of address or employment history to prove that you were successful in meeting the residency obligation in Canada.

3. Have a licensed immigration lawyer review your application to renew your Permanent Resident Card. If you have made an error on your form, made an omission on your form, forgotten a piece of supporting documentation or made a mistake anywhere in the application process, you could be denied.

4. Submit your application. You will need to bring your old card to the immigration office once you receive your letter telling you that your Permanent Resident Card renewal has been approved.

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