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Your Immigration Law firm is in Toronto. But I am located in the USA. Can you still Represent me?

June 5, 2009

I am based in Chicago and require the assistance of a Toronto immigration law firm for Canadian work permit applications. My company has contracts with a Canadian company in Toronto for software installation. I need my workers to enter Canada within a month for a 6 month period. Can your law firm in Toronto assist […]

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Canadian Work Permits Not Necessarily Needed for Workers in the Film and TV Industries

June 4, 2009 /

A Canadian Work Permit Question Hello I am a Director of Photography and Director in Los Angeles , California. A local production company hired me to shoot their next feature film which will be shot in Los Angeles for about 80% of the production. However, some scenes have to be shot in Canada, and that […]

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Permanent Residency Card Renewal on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds

June 2, 2009

Permanent Residency Card Renewal Question Hi I have applied for my Permanent Residency Card Renewal but I do not have the required 2 years of Canadian residence. Please help me to apply on compassionate grounds as my wife and two children meet the requirements and I have also applied for Canadian citizenship and I work […]

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Living in Canada with a Green Card. Do I need a Reentry Permit?

June 1, 2009

Canadian Reentry Permit Question Hi. I live in Canada and have a green card commuter status that expires in mid July of this year. I lost my job this year. In order to keep my status, I should either move to the US or find a job within six months. It’s very difficult to get […]

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Canada-US Border Crossings: New Passport Requirements come into effect June 1 for Canadians and Americans

May 31, 2009

New Passport Requirements for Canadians and Americans Well the day is almost here where Canadians and Americans will require passports, enhanced drivers license or a travel card such as a NEXUS or FAST card in order to cross the border. On June 1, presenting a birth certificate or a traditional drivers license to a customs […]

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Canadian Work Permit Refused because of lack of Ties to home country.

May 30, 2009

Canadian Work Permit Refused? I applied twice for a Canadian work visa complete with all the required documents and papers like valid LMO (Labour Market Opinion) approval and job offer from a prospective employer situated in Alberta. However my application for a work permit was refused twice for the sole reason that I did not […]

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Refused entry to the US Case Resolved

May 29, 2009

Refused entry to the US case resolved by our immigration law firm Hi Fadi! Thank you for assisting me with my entry to the US after being denied.  I will be coming back to Canada on June 10 to hand back my I94 Card as instructed.  I want to do this right this time! I […]

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I had a DWI conviction in the USA and my Probation Ended. Why was I Denied Entry to Canada?

Denied Entry to Canada for a criminal offense? My family and I live in the USA by Canadian Border near BC. My wife is Canadian and my son is Canadian. I am an US citizen. We all reside in the US.All of our relatives live in Canada (in-laws, sister law and nice and more). Now […]

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Maintaining Canadian Permanent Residency Status outside Canada to be with Blind Daughter

May 28, 2009 /

Can you keep your Canadian Permanent Residency Status while living outside of Canada? I sponsored my mother for Canadian Permanent Residency and she was approved about 3 years ago. She had only visited Canada once for about 2 weeks since she became a Permanent Resident. She had not moved to Canada because my sister was […]

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Work Permit Expires Soon. Do you need to apply for a new LMO?

May 27, 2009

Is it necessary for an employer to apply for an LMO for someone who is already employed permanently? One of our staff members’ work permit is expiring soon, and we’re not sure if we need to apply for another LMO for him in order to renew his work permit.   _______________   First of all, […]

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I could not have asked for more! The VisaPlace team are extremely professional, they know their stuff. They gave me great information, prepared my work visa application and then prepared me for the submission process. I was successful. Got my visa. 5 stars! I would give them 6 if I could.

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This is not an exaggeration!!! I was truly impressed with the way VisaPlace consultants handled my case. The consultants- Emily, Lauren, Takunda and Lisa, took their time to explain to me in great deal how they were going to approach my case and how they would handle setbacks, if any. Their professionalism and knowledge of the law were superb. The minor setback that came up was quickly addressed by the team. The team constantly kept me updated on the progress/status of my application; they quickly responded to my questions/concerns. They had predicated my permanent residency to be processed within 6 -12, and Indeed it was processed and completed within 6 months. Based on my personal experience, Emily and Lauren's team are the best! They deserve 5 stars!!!!!!!!!!!

George Jakan'gayoa week ago

VisaPlace helped me sponsor my husband to become a Permanent Resident of Canada. They were extremely professional. Every step along the way was explained fully and expertly taken care of. The staff responded immediately to any questions and always handled our concerns fully, taking as much time as we needed to understand where we were at in the immigration process and what to expect next. I would recommend VisaPlace with no hesitation at all. I'm sure if we had tried to navigate the immigration process ourselves, it would have been much harder.

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