Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren in Toronto Considering Making it Easier for Illegal Immigrants to Obtain Services

Many people are under the false assumption that illegal immigrants – who are also called undocumented immigrants or underground migrants – do not contribute and should not be entitled to any services that Canadians or legal immigrants in Canada receive.

Michael Niren - Immigration Lawyer

However, this is a huge myth when it comes to the realities of undocumented immigrants in Canada and other countries.

These immigrants do pay taxes and do contribute, but are unable to use many vital services like homeless shelters or food banks because they are too afraid.

Toronto’s city council is going to vote on whether they should make it easier for these immigrants to access vital services without fear of being deported from Canada or detained.

Immigration lawyer Michael Niren quoted in Yahoo News

Our own immigration lawyer Michael Niren was quoted in Yahoo News about the idea, and he says that it is a positive step but it may be difficult for Toronto to enact such a measure without putting itself at odds with the Federal Government.

“Giving illegal immigrants access to services, many of whom contribute to our city in different ways, is a positive development in a very harsh immigrant climate,” he said. But there is concern over what would happen with the Federal Government’s tough mandate on illegal immigration.

“The idea that Toronto may become a ‘sanctuary city’ is appealing to immigrant groups but in reality the federal government’s mandate has been and will continue to be enforcement against illegal immigration.”

The vote is scheduled for the morning of Thursday, February 21st, and the full Yahoo News Canada article is available here.


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