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You want to know the “real deal’ when it comes to hiring a lawyer or law firm for immigration services? There is a lot of mis-information out there in cyberspace about who to turn to for help when it comes to immigration service providers, whether they be licensed immigration lawyers, consultants or just friends and family.

Immigration law is complex as I have been saying over the years. The government wants you to believe you can “do it yourself”; that all you have to do is fill out forms, pay the fee and off you go. They even have online application services now where you can submit your applications by a click of a mouse. Only if it are that easy!

Sadly, application refusal rates are at an all time high both sides of the border. US and Canadian Visa applications are being denied for a whole host of reasons from misfiling of applications, incorrect us of forms, failure to provide adequate documentation–the list goes on and on…

Turning to immigration professionals then seems like an obvious choice for those wishing to obtain US and Canadian visas. However, again not so simple. As I have blogged many times, immigration fraud perpetrated by seemingly qualified immigration consultants is at epidemic levels. Well meaning applicants who understand that “it isn’t so easy” often turn to these sharks in the water only to get eaten alive.

It is therefore no wonder that the government websites are broadcasting warnings not to hire representatives. Only problem is that they paint us all with a broad brush, making it almost impossible for the public to distinguish the good from the bad. It would be more helpful if some guidance would be outlined for people to know what kind of immigration professional is for real and who is just looking to take your money. I am not holding my breath.

So in the interest of helping those looking for qualified immigration professionals who sincerely want to help and can help, I have tried to answer these questions and more, in my webinar on US and Canadian immigration services here. It is in Q & A format. I hope it serves to clarify what is really involved in processing applications, the level of service one should expect when hiring an immigration law firm and what to look for when deciding who to hire.



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