Companies Offering Fake Canadian Visas Becoming a Serious Problem


According to the Indian Express, the Consul General of Canada to India, Scot Slessor, has been discussing the matter of fraudulent companies offering Canadian visas for a fee with police as it is becoming a rather large problem. denied entry to Canada

“A number of incidents of fake visa companies have come to my notice and despite police measures to check such incidents, fresh cases are being reported,” he told the Indian Express. “The crooked visa consultants are a real concern. They are using the name of the Canadian Consulate General office, impersonating the officials and promising people visas.”

“While the positive trend is that a number of people from Punjab and Chandigarh are traveling to Canada on genuine visas,” he continued, “the crooked visa consultants are promising people study and work visas.”

As the problem of fraudulent consultants and fake Canadian visas grows, this is not a new problem. In 2010, the federal Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney visited Chandigarh and Delhi to ask for India’s support in dealing with these fake consultants. While Canada passed its own Act that made it illegal for anyone other than a member of a recognized association of immigration consultants, a notary or a licensed immigration lawyer to act as an immigration representative, Canada suggested that India pass some kind of similar act.

Keep in mind that when you apply to immigrate to Canada, whether it’s on a permanent  resident application or a temporary visa such as a work permit, it’s vital that you hire a qualified immigration representative, such as a licensed immigration lawyer, who is licensed, qualified, has references and who follows the law. The immigration process is too much of a big and important life step to leave it up to just anyone, and you want to make sure that you only trust someone who is honest and working for you.

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