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The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is allocating an estimated amount of $5 million in funding for its program that aims at promoting top-level services for citizenship preparation and  naturalization application.

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The availability of the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program widens the range of services in the communities across the country in addressing the concerns of immigrants concerning their preparation and application for citizenship.

Seeking to increase the extent of services, the USCIS announced that it is going to select around thirty one (31) organizations that will receive grants in order to carry out the desired services for permanent residents who are seeking to change their status to become citizens of the United States. These organizations are designated to receive citizenship instructions and applications for naturalization under the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program.

USCIS for the past few months has been introducing means to improve its services and to better serve the US citizens, permanent residents or US Green Card holders, foreign workers and visa applicants. The Citizenship and Integration Grant Program was created in 2009. The USCIS had since been awarding grants that already amounted to $18.3 million in total. Over 28,000 US permanent residents from thirty states, including the District of Columbia, have received high-quality of services for citizenship preparations.

U.S. Citizenship is granted to a citizen or national of another country after the fulfillment of the requirements mandated in the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). The process through which the US citizenship is granted is called naturalization.

You may be eligible for naturalization if you meet the following terms:

  • You have been a US permanent resident for 5 years minimum and you satisfy all other requirements for eligibility.
  • As a spouse of a US citizen, you have been a permanent resident for at least 3 years and meet the prerequisites for eligibility.
  • You have served the United States Armed Forces for at least one (1) year, and meet the qualifying service and eligibility requirements.
  • You were married to a US citizen who died while actively serving the Armed Forces and you meet all other pertinent requirements.
  • If you are a child of a US citizen you can be eligible for naturalization eventhough you were born and residing outside the United States, provided that you meet all other requirements for eligibility.

You are deemed citizen of the United States if, before turning 18, your biological or adoptive parents became a US citizen. Other than the circumstances mentioned herein, you may also be qualified by means of other modes of acquiring citizenship.

The privilege of becoming a US citizen is also available if you are at least 18 years old and have been a permanent resident for at least 5 years when you meet the following requirements, which are considered to be very common to applicants:

  • You have served on a US-operated or US-registered vessel owned by a US citizen or a US corporation.
  • You are an employee or an individual under contract to the US government.
  • You are a minister or priest for a religious sect, or interdenominational organization that has a lawful presence in the United States.
  • You are employed by the following:
  • an American institution of research that the Attorney General recognizes;
  • an American-owned corporation or firm taking part in the development of   foreign trade and commerce for the US;
  • a public international organization of which the US is a member by virtue of a law or a treaty, provided that your employment started when you were already a lawful permanent resident;
  • a US non-profit institution engaged in promoting the interest of the US outside the the United States, provided that you have been employed for at least 5 years;

If you are one of the hopeful permanent residents of the United States and are looking to obtain a US citizenship through naturalization, you will certainly benefit from the steps taken by the USCIS to select 31 more immigrant-serving organizations. To ensure that you could make most of the funded program, you may speak to your US immigration lawyer or message us using the form on the right side of this page. We are more than happy to assist you.

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