How to Fill In Immigration Forms

The immigration process requires a lot of paperwork. If you are immigrating to or applying for a visa for the United States or Canada, you will have to fill out several different immigration forms. They can be complicated, and it is extremely important to ensure that you fill out immigration forms properly. If there is an issue with your immigration paperwork, your immigration application or your visa application can be denied or delayed significantly, ruining your plans.

How to fill out immigration forms for the US or Canada

One of the most important things to remember when filling out immigration forms is that you need to include every piece of supporting documentation necessary with your immigration application. The application may have a document checklist that explains all that is required, and what you need to include will depend on the country you are applying for and the type of visa or immigration application. If you can’t include something, draft up a cover letter to include with your application that lets the immigration officer know something is missing.

Do not leave any empty spaces on your immigration forms, because this might make the immigration officer who processes your application think you have missed anything. You can write “not applicable” if the space does not apply to you.

You should also keep copies of everything that you send with your immigration application, including the immigration application itself. If the immigration application is lost or something happens, you will also be able to prove you sent it if you provide a photocopy of the courier slip.

Do you need to fill out immigration forms?

Having a licensed immigration lawyer or immigration attorney review your application before you send it can also be the difference between an approval and a denial of your application. While no immigration services representative should ever guarantee acceptance of your application, we can make sure you have not made any mistakes and that your application is properly put together for the best chance of success!

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