H-1B Work Visa for Canadians

H-1B work Visas

The H-1B work visa for the United States is a work visa that Canadians may apply for if they meet the requirements for eligibility. This type of work visa is for foreign workers to work in “specialty occupations”, which means that the occupation you are working in must require a very high level of skill.  If you want to apply for an H-1B work visa, take note that the process is not an easy one and you will have to be ready with a properly prepared application package that demonstrates you are a suitable candidate for this work visa.

Requirements for the H-1B work visa

Applicants for the H-1B work visa must already have a job offer from a United States employer. This job offer must be in a “specialty occupation”.

The occupation the applicant has been offered must be one that requires a high level of skill and education – and it must have these requirements across the board. This means that anyone who is offering this job needs to have these high standards, not just the applicant’s employer. The employer and anyone else in the industry must normally require that a high level of education – usually a bachelor’s degree at minimum – for the job.

The applicant needs to be qualified for the job and have the proof of education and experience necessary to demonstrate this to the visa officers.

The employer must also be able to demonstrate that they would pay the employee the prevailing wage for that occupation in the region they are located in.

There is a large amount of paperwork required with all of the requirements that need to be demonstrated to the visa officers and immigration authorities when it comes to applying for an H-1B visa. You need to make sure that your application is up to par and complete.

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