Deadline for H1B Visa 2015 Fast Approaching

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Hi, this is Michael Niren, immigration lawyer and founder of Well, H1B season is upon us. April 1st, 2015 will be the deadline when you file your H1B applications for 2016 calendar year. And applications are being prepared earlier than ever. As you may know that there’s a cap of 65,000 applicants that are permitted per year. There are some exceptions to that, but generally speaking, once the 65,000 cap is reached, no more applications will be permitted for the following year, 2016.

Applying for an H1B Visa 

So there’s a mad rush, as there is every year, to prepare the applications in advance of the April 1st deadline. It’s essential that if you are a specialty worker, if you have a job offer as a specialty worker, consider start working on the application process as soon as you can because if you’re late, you’re late and the cap is typically reached very soon after the deadline.

It is unfortunate that the cap is so low, especially in The United States. There is a growing economy, finally getting out of the recession,  and there’s a huge demand for foreign workers. It helps everybody. I’m a real advocate of the employer’s right to hire foreign workers. And it helps the economy. It helps jobs. The list goes on. Unfortunately, however, the law is that 65,000 only will be permitted.

So the message is that if you are qualified for an H1B, start now. It’s almost February 2015 coming up and not much time to prepare that application and get it submitted right on time. So hopefully this has given you some incentive to think about applying. If you like the video, click “Like” and welcome to our website anytime at

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UPDATE: The above is an archived article. For the most recent information about H-1B visas and the application process, click here.

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