Immigrating to Miami? There’s a Neighborhood Just For You

Picking the Best Neighborhood Based on Your Lifestyle

If you’re looking to immigrate to Miami, Florida on a work visa, you’re not alone. The Miami-Dade County in Florida has experienced a 20 percent growth within the last ten years much because of its recent immigration. Because of the immigration growth the county now has the second largest percent of foreign-born residents in the United States. Although Miami is proud of its largely diverse population, many immigrants choose to live outside the city in its surrounding suburbs. Miami’s total population is 65% Latino, mainly immigrated from Latin America, with its an international financial mecca for Latin music and culture. Other than the Latin culture, Miami is full of unique cultures from African-American, Latino, Haitian, and Jewish descent.

Each neighborhood in Miami holds a unique fingerprint on the city and is full with rich culture. Now take a look at these neighborhoods listed below that are within Florida’s most culturally rich city.


Allapattah: 70% Hispanic and known for its wholesale produce market and clothing outlet district


Downtown Miami: known for its highly commercial area with many electronic stores.


El Portal: Mostly single family homes with a large Haitian and Hispanic population. Over one third of the El Portal residents are foreign-born.


Little Havana: A very vibrant Latin neighborhood with residents from Cuba, Honduras and Nicaragua. Its very well known for its Cuban businesses such as cigar factories, fruit stands and cafeterias. They are also home to the Calle Ocho Street Fair of Miami’s Carnival.


Liberty City: This neighborhood is rich with African American culture. It is home of the African Heritage Cultural Art Center, theater, art gallery, dance and music studios.


Coral Gables: One of the more elegant neighborhoods filled with Mediterranean style fountains, plazas and buildings. It is also most recently been the home to a growing Hispanic population. Coral Gables is also home to the University of Miami.


North Miami Beach: Originally known for its large population of Jewish retirees, it has now been experiencing a growing Chinese and Caribbean populations. There are many Jewish synagogues and bagel shops. North Miami Beach most recently opened a separate section of their local library that provides an extensive Spanish and Chinese collection.


Carol City: Known for holding the Miami Dolphins Football Stadium, it is very ethnically diverse with many job opportunities available. Carol City has experienced a growing Hispanic presence.


Doral: This is the Headquarters for many US companies that immigrants work at with their United States work visa. Univision, Carnival Cruise Lines and Ryder are all companies within this neighborhood.


Hialeah: This neighborhood is a large Spanish-speaking community. Most of the street signs and billboards are in Spanish. The neighborhoods contain many Latin cafeterias, tobacco shops and supermarkets.


Opa-Locka: Known for the largest collection of Moorish architecture in the Western Hemisphere. Opa-Locka has the largest number of Muslim inhabitants than any other Miami neighborhood.


North Miami: This is  a very racially diverse immigration community. It has a growing population of Hispanics, African-Americans, Jewish, and Chinese culture. Its largely known for its Caribbean food.


Keep in mind that selecting a neighborhood is extremely important to your lifestyle. If you are moving to Miami with your family, selecting a neighborhood with great schools and plenty of single family homes is a great idea. Beyond the obvious amazing beaches for families to attend, there are also 260 parks with 143 playgrounds. Every neighborhood has somewhere for kids to play. There are 239 public schools with many that received a 10 out of 10 on the GreatSchools Rating. There are also 185 private schools. Having the University of Miami in the city means that kids can continue their education at a local tuition rate.

Many students will travel, study abroad, or move to Miami because of its great opportunities for higher education. If you are moving to Miami for school then it would be a great idea to pick a neighborhood close to the universities. The TALK School of Languages in Miami Beach has been designed and equipped to enhance your educational experience. It specializes in helping people adjust to higher education when English is not their primary language.

Luckily, Miami has an extensive public transportation system so no matter which neighborhood you were to live in, you will be able to traverse to and from work. Miami-Dade Transit is the primary public transportation of Miami, Florida, it is the 15th-largest transit system in America. This system consists of trains, buses and metro-movers.

The largest immigration work force is in Miami. If you are coming to the city with a work visa, you are not alone. Immigrants make up 65.4% of Miami’s labor force. This is one of the most important reasons why immigrants are so welcome in the Florida city.

Miami, Florida also hold one of the most educated group of immigrants. More than 23% of immigrants in Miami have some college experience, while almost 29% of immigrants in Miami have already graduated high school. These statistics keep increasing every year because of the immigration settlement services that Miami provides while you’re in the United States. Whether you’re in Miami with a work visa, student visa, green card, etc. they want to help you with your education and employment in America.

There is so much character and personality mostly defined by the immigrants and foreign workers in the Florida city. Miami is one of the model cities of the United States for immigration due to its growing local immigration population. While the United States Congress debates the future of immigration reform, they should look towards the communities like Miami as an example. Miami, Florida has the opportunity to address immigration and for a major impact on the local political environment, public systems, education and economic prosperity.

Since Miami focuses on business, economy, finance, and tourist companies, an H-1B program might be your best opportunity to Miami. An H-1B Visa is a United State work permit that allows foreign workers to work “special occupations” within the United States. Miami, Florida welcomes foreigners to come work within their city while obtaining an H-1B work permit. Before you begin your travel to Miami, working with a skilled immigration lawyer will help make sure your particular case is handled effectively.



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