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How to Migrate from India to Canada

The India to Canada immigration has a fascinating history spanning over many years. Starting with just a few immigrants landing ashore in Vancouver and British Columbia, Indo-Canadians now make up one of Canada’s largest and most well-advanced immigrant communities.

Indian Immigration

Why do many Indians immigrate to Canada?

Indians immigrate to Canada for many different reasons, it can not be summarized in one sentence or a word.  Canada has become of of the most favorite immigration destinations in the world for Indians. For many years Canada has been considered the land with open arms for Indian immigrants who are looking for better opportunities for employment, a better life, and individual growth. The country has lenient immigration policies and many immigration settling services to help Indians obtaining permanent residency to raising a family in a foreign country. Although Canada is a melting pot for Indian immigrants, immigration from India to Canada has a significant impact for a few reasons.

Indians move to Canada


Why is Canada the best place for Indian Immigrants?

India to Canada immigration dates back to when the first Punjabi Sikh family migrated to Canada. They were able to settle and submerge themselves within the Canadian environment and communities. Since then many families and individuals have migrated to Canada for different reasons such as studying, business, tourism, or employment. Migrating to Canada is a great opportunity for people from India to find a better opportunity for employment opportunities and jobs, better life, individual growth, and government benefits. They’re not the only ones benefiting from the migration though, so is the Canadian government. The Indo-Canadians are helping combat the lack of skill for jobs in Canada as well as contributing to government taxes, buying houses, using public transport, purchasing goods, and over-all stimulating the Canadian government. In the past, new immigrants from India tended to settle in the cities of Toronto and Vancouver, but today many provinces are actively encouraging new immigrants to settle in other communities. Vancouver and Toronto remain very prominent as the top choices for those who wish to emigrate from India to Canada, in part due to the business opportunities for skilled professionals from India. There is a very large and dynamic group of Indian immigrants living in the Toronto area, which even has a neighborhood referred to as “little India”.

Little India Toronto

(Little India shown above)

How can I apply to migrate from India to Canada?

If you are currently living in India and want to migrate to Canada there are many various options of immigration programs available for you. The process of applying to immigrate to Canada can be very long and challenging. Hiring a qualified Canadian immigration law firm in Toronto who can connect an Indian immigrant with someone who speaks one of the languages of India can help an Indian applicant better understand the requirements and provide the proper documentation. If you are applying for the first time, you will need someone who can help you prepare the application properly. Or, if your application to immigrate to Canada is denied, you will need to have someone who is very knowledgeable about immigration law and about the specific details of your application in order to file an appeal on your behalf.


Here are only a few reasons why to immigrate to Canada:

  1. With more than 250,000 new permanent residents to Canada each year, the country has invested millions of dollars to help these new residents. Canada has invested programs to help the newcomers settle into Canada and adapt to their new surroundings. These programs will help connect newcomers to a community of people to help build lasting relationships. They will discover information, local programs and services for your unique needs to get settled. They will also help newcomers integrate easily with the unique culturally diverse communities across Canada.
  2. The OECD Better Life Index rated Canada on a 1-10 scale a 9 for safety of it’s population. This promotes a great place to raise a family with safe and secure communities. This meant that 82% of the population of Canada feel safe walking alone at night. This rating is also affected by the homicide rate which was extremely low at a 1.5 for Canada. The average homicide rating averaged 4.1 in other countries.
  3. Canada invests highly in their education system. Always considered for a place in the top five of the world, Canada has the seventh best education system. They have one of the worlds highest college graduation rates. Canada holds the third best country in reading, the fourth in mathematics, and fifth in science. The country typically has better trained, well paid teachers who also receive good job security and unionization.
  4. Canada already has a strong economy with plenty of opportunities for skilled workers but they are also expected to be among the strongest growing economy in the G-7 over this year and next. Just barely behind the U.S., Canada is expected to be the second strongest mainly because of the improved outlook of the oil market and the commodity market for producers.
  5. For the seventh consecutive year, Canada was rated the most stable banking system in the world. Canada has a reputation of solid funding and conservative consumer lending. The fact that Canadian banks are more reluctant to lend to home buyers with low to no credit, results in less mortgage defaults. This also comes into play with personal and student loans. The more strict they are on giving loans out the less debt their citizens have in the long run which will help the economy in the upcoming years.
  6. Lastly, overall Canada has an amazing standard of living. The heath care is great, education is very strong, women are economically stable and participating in government, and they also have guaranteed paid maternity leave. Life expectancy for Canadians sits at 80.9 years with fewer instances of breast cancer, osteoporosis and diabetes. Canada also has far less national debt than other countries. They have a higher median household incomes than countries like Australia and Britain. Canadians are also more likely to own their own homes than Americans, Swedes, Japanese or French. Canada has also been found to have the 3rd best air quality in the world. In other words, overall, Canada has been soaring above other countries with the quality of life.


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