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Everything You Need to Know About Completing Your Express Entry Profile


As you’re probably aware by now, Express Entry kicked into place on January 1, 2015. This means that if you’re a skilled worker looking to immigrate to Canada, you have to go through the express entry system.

We’re going to go over all the steps you’ll need for Express Entry, from finding out whether you’re eligible, to completing your profile and being issued an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence.

Please note: Completing your online Express Entry profile and being entered into the pool does not guarantee that you’ll be issued with an invitation to apply for permanent resident.

Step 1. Check your eligibility 

CIC has provided a helpful tool called Come to Canada which you can use to check your eligibility for express entry.

Before getting to this stage, you should have taken a language test and also found your job title, code and skill type (this is known as a ‘NOC code’) – you will need this information to check your eligibility.

You may also need the results of your Education Credential Assessment (ECA), although this is not mandatory if you’ve got at least a year of recent Canadian work experience, or you work in a skilled trade.

When you reach the end of the eligibility check, you’ll be shown a reference number which you must keep a record of, as you’ll need it again later if and when you begin to build your Express Entry profile.

Step 2. Complete your Express Entry profile

Upon receiving a positive result from the Come to Canada tool, you’ll be sent to MyCIC – you may need to create an account if you don’t have one already.

You must fill out information about your:

  • Identity
  • Contact details
  • Language proficiency
  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Family members (spouses or dependents) who would travel to Canada with you

You will also need the following:

  • Passport or travel documentation
  • NOC code and job title
  • Your language test results (TEF, IELTS, or CELPIP)
  • Educational Credential Assessment results, if applicable
  • A copy of your job offer from a Canadian employer, if applicable
  • A copy of your provincial nomination, if applicable
  • The personal reference code you were given in the Come to Canada tool, if applicable. (According to CIC, it should look a lot like this: JM1234567890 and allows CIC to use the answers you already provided when checking your eligibility)

Creating your Express Entry Profile

There are a few steps you can follow in order to create your Express Entry profile. First, simply follow the instructions to create your MyCIC account if you don’t have one set up already. You’ll then be issued with a MyCIC number that you will use each time you sign in.

Then, you’ll be asked to enter the personal reference code you were given when you were checking your eligibility in the Come to Canada tool. If you don’t have this code, you can just enter your personal details, including education and work experience, manually.

You will have 60 days to complete your profile – otherwise you will have to start again and create a new one.

Once all your information has been entered, and you’ve checked everything is accurate, you can then submit your profile online.

According to CIC, if you meet the Express Entry criteria, including the requirements for at least one of the three immigration programs, you will be accepted into the Express Entry pool of candidates. If you are invited to apply for permanent residence, we will tell you at that time which program to apply under.

NOTE: You will only be invited to apply for Canadian permanent residence by CIC once you have been chosen from the Express Entry pool and issued a formal invitation via your MyCIC account. 

Step 3. Register with Job Bank

To complete your Express Entry profile, you must register with the Canadian Government’s Job Bank, unless you have:

  • A valid job offer – OR
  • A provincial nomination

Job Bank is basically a user-friendly online job search tool put in place by the government to help you connect with potential employers in Canada, based on your current skill level and experience.

NOTE: If you fail to register with Job Bank within 30 days, your Express Entry profile will no longer be valid. 

Step 4. Your invitation to apply

Once you’ve entered the Express Entry pool, you must wait to be issued with an invitation to apply for Canadian permanent residence. You’ll only be invited if one of the following apply:

  • You are one of the top-ranking candidates
  • You’ve received a valid job offer from a Canadian employer
  • You’ve received a provincial nomination

Upon receipt of your invitation, you’ll have 60 days to apply online. The application you submit must be complete to the best of your ability, with all the necessary supporting documents. Once CIC have received your application, it will be processed within six months.

How We Can Help You Immigrate to Canada Through Express Entry

The most important aspect of the Express Entry program is to get an invitation to apply for permanent residence. Our job is to make you STAND OUT from the crowd. We will assess your case, highlight the best aspects of your application, and make sure that the government notices you! This way, your chances of getting an invitation are maximized.

Call us today for an assessment to see if you are eligible for Express Entry to Canada, or fill out our online assessment form.


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