Getting a Green Card to the US Through the EB-5 Visa

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Hi there. It’s Mira Freiwat here with the Today I’d like to introduce to you the EB-5 program. Now what is the EB-5 program you must be asking? The EB-5 program was created as a path to permanent residency, through investments or business to the United States.

EB-5 Investor Visa Requirements

Now the general requirements for this program is that the business or investment must be able to create 10 or more full time positions and supply the existing local job market in the area where the business is to be located. You could do so by either creating brand new jobs or preserving the employment that is already in place there. While you undergo this process, any investor will be able to bring their spouse and any dependent children under the age of 21, to obtain permanent residency in the U.S. and then be eligible to go and apply for citizenship thereafter. Now with this visa, you have the freedom to go and reside anywhere in the U.S. that you choose to, and also you’ll be able to enroll your children in any college or university of their choice.

Obtaining a Conditional Green Card

Also for this EB-5, there are no benchmarks when it comes to English proficiency, nor education or even previous employment experience. Once you are qualified as an investor, you will obtain something called a Conditional Green Card. Now what is this Conditional Green Card? Basically you will need to show that within the first two years of you going and receiving this Conditional Green Card, that your business investment proves that it is not only able to maintain but create as well the minimum number of jobs required for this program. And by doing so, the conditions will then be removed and that Green Card is yours to keep.

How to Qualify for an EB-5 Visa

Now in order to qualify among other requirements, you should also show that the 10 jobs that you have gone and created, do not include you as the investor, any family members or direct relatives, as well as the investment needs to be at least 500,000 US dollars. If it’s made in an economically depressed area better known as targeted employment areas, or one million dollars in all other areas of the U.S. You would also need to establish and prove that the funds came from legal sources, of course, and that the amount invested is invested fully and is at risk. The other great thing about this visa is that multiple investors can together come to qualify and if they meet the requirements mentioned above, then all together you’ll be able to apply for this EB-5.

As well as the majority of EB-5 applicants, now opt to take their investments to something called Regional Centers. Now these Regional Centers are allocated to provide assistance to applicants, to ensure that they are on the right track in terms of meeting the requirements of their EB-5, in terms of their business as well, and that you’ll also have the peace of mind that you have the support of the Regional Center to help ensure that you are fit to qualify to apply based upon the economic and statistical forecast that they have gone and supplied for you. Now these Regional Centers are placed all over the U.S and are there to assist any investor, entrepreneur to promote the economic or financial growth in certain communities within cities, as well as to increase productivity and to boost the creation of jobs in the U.S.

Are You Interested in Applying for an EB-5 Investor Visa?

Now if you’d like to find out more about the EB-5 or how we can help you, please call and book your consultation today. And also if you like this video, do me a favor and click the like button and also please take some time out and visit us at Should you have any more questions, you’ll find our blog to be very helpful. Thank you for watching. Talk to you soon.

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    Hi, my sister is a U.S. Citizen and she is also an active soldier in the army. Is it possible for her to file for me and my mother? And if so how long will that take??

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      Hello Dane,

      Thank you for your post. It is possible to have your sister Sponsor you and your Mother to Immigrate to the US, but in order for me to give you any kind of accurate advice, I would need to obtain more information about the three of you to determine your eligibility as well as the best route to take. Kindly complete this form for me Dane, as it will give me the details I need to proceed. Once it has been reviewed, you will be contacted. MF

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    Thank you for your inquiry. Although you have provided me with some details about your credentials, I would still need some more information to determine your eligibility and the best route for you to take. Kindly complete this form for me and you will be contacted once it has been reviewed. MF

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    sir i wanna USA (new york)in university of the new youk in hotel management course.i have very short of money but my aim in life to get higher education in New York. plz provide me student

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