Are you a Canadian with a criminal record or an overstay in the US?

Reasons Why On May Need A U.S. Entry Waiver

There are many reasons why you would be denied entry into the U.S. You may be denied if you have a disease that transfers easily to others,  have committed a crime of moral turpitude (ages 18 or older), if you have been charged with trafficking or possession of a controlled substance. If you have any involvement with terrorism or are part of a terrorist group a waiver will not be issued to you. Do not let this discourage you, just because you fall under one of the above categories it does not mean that you are not able to try to obtain a US waiver.   denied entry to the US

Being Stopped at the US Border

If you have been stopped for the first time this will be humiliating because you may have crossed previously with no complications. Once your criminal record has been discovered at the U.S border the immigration officer will then download your record and you will now have a file with INS and the FBI. Once this has happened you will need to apply for a U.S entry waiver.

Being Stopped a Second Time

If you have been stopped for a second time chances are you will be treated much more harshly. They will turn you away immediately. You may be detained for a few hours possibly even put into handcuffs. This is because the U.S now has their own files that pertain to you, they now have your records and know how many times you have been refused entry. If you keep attempting to enter the country without applying for a U.S waiver this will only lessen your chances of being accepted for one.

Approval for your application is subjective, which means, the better your application is the better your chances are of having your waiver granted.

U.S. Waiver Application Process

The entry waiver will take anywhere between 5 to 12 months, collecting and preparing all documentation will take anywhere between 3 to 10 months in total you are looking at 8 to 22 months for the wait times. If you are looking to enter the U.S it is advised that you start well in advance and contact a legitimate, well known attorney.

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