Why You Might Be Denied Entry to the United States

People are often surprised when they find themselves denied entry to the United States for any reason. Unfortunately, this actually happens quite a bit. When someone is refused admittance in to the United States, they must turn around and leave the country right away, whether they have driven into the border or they have flown into an airport.

Because there are a wide variety of reasons that someone can be denied entry to the United States, it pays to be aware in advance if any of these reasons apply to you.

Reasons Why You Might Be Denied Entry to the United States

The reasons for being denied entry to the United States usually fall into the categories of immigration issues, health issues, criminal issues or financial issues.

Immigration Issues: If you have previously committed an immigration violation such as a visa denied-entry-to-the-united-statesoverstay or misrepresenting yourself to immigration authorities you can be denied entry. If you have previously been removed or deported from the United States, that can also affect future entry.

Health Issues: The United States must take the safety of its citizens into account when it allows people to enter the country, so someone with a communicable disease, a mental health issue that poses a threat to others or someone with a history of drug use may be denied entry.

Criminal Issues: Criminal records are the most common reason that people are denied entry to the United States. While not all criminal records will result in a denial of entry, if you have a criminal record there is a good chance you could be facing some issues in entering the United States.

Financial Issues: The border officials must be satisfied that you have enough money to cover your stay in the United States, and that you are not entering the country to work without a permit.

Have You Been Denied Entry to the United States?

Being denied entry into the United states can be very troubling. However, the best action is to find professional advice for immigration services. VisaPlace has years of experience in this field. We can help you with your application process. Book an online consultation with one of our immigration lawyers today!

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