Canadian Man Wins Trip to Super Bowl, Denied Entry to US

denied-entry-to-USA man from Vancouver who won an all expenses paid trip to the Super Bowl through a fantasy football contest was denied entry to the United States.

It is not at all unusual for Canadian citizens to be denied entry to the United States because they have a criminal record, and it is also the same the other way around. Both countries take criminal records seriously, and sometimes will not allow visitors into the country if they have one. Unfortunately, most Canadians and Americans think that your criminal record needs to be for a dangerous or very significant offense to be taken seriously enough for a denial of entry – but as you can see with this story, that’s not the case.

Man Denied Entry to United States for Decades-Old Conviction

Myles Wilkinson, now in his 50s, was denied entry to the United States because at the age of 19, he was busted for marijuana possession. His punishment at the time was just a $50 fine.

It has to be exceptionally upsetting to win a contest like this (he beat four million other people) and then be denied entry to the United States for something so trivial – especially, considering, that the recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in two states just months ago.

What to do When you Have Been Denied Entry to the United States

Someone who is facing being denied entry to the United States does have options, but they need to be explored well in advance of your travel. Don’t forget: even a criminal conviction that is very old and very small – like this one – can get you denied entry to the United States if you are a Canadian Citizen.

Have You Been Denied Entry to the USA? We Can Help!

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